About Adam Conter, Priority 1 Commercial Real Estate


Born and raised Haligonian, Adam always wanted to stay in the Maritimes, no matter the typical pressures to move to other larger cities. There is something intrinsically different about Halifax, and those of us who call Atlantic Canada home. There is an attitude the is welcoming, a spirit that is social and an energy to contribute to community.

Adam hopes that when you meet him, you’ll see those true Haligonian traits. Starting in commercial real estate in 2011, Adam joined CBRE Limited the largest firm in Atlantic Canada as a sales representative. Quickly accepting his fate as a cold caller, Adam hit the phones and over 3 years, grew his business into a leadership role, shipping off to Moncton, NB to head up CBRE for New Brunswick. In two and a half years, Adam became a well known member of the Real Estate community, being called on to offer public consultations, assisting in the re-writing of commercial development procedure and advocating for downtown growth and improvements.

In 2014 Adam was awarded the ICSC Fiala Fellowship, the first Canadian recipient of this award from the International Council of Shopping Centers. True to his passion for small market downtowns, Adam delivered a Retail Development Tool Kit as the Fiala Fellow, which was published by the ICSC nation wide. In 2016 Adam was seconded to a leadership role with a prominent downtown developer, working alongside a young team to market luxury condos and push to fill vacant spaces on Barrington Street. Missing the action of brokerage, Adam is pleased to now join forces with Mark Stein, a consummate professional with nearly 30 years “Selling Halifax” to bring Priority 1 Real Estate forward as a unique service brokerage for Halifax.

We look forward to working with you.